Bray Solutions’ third party logistics, order fulfilment, pick and pack, and warehouse storage options help businesses big and small to grow.

Our commitment to providing outstanding customer service means we offer flexible and cost effective third party logistics services, accurately fulfilled and delivered on time.

We are proud of our exceptional track record answering the needs of our clients.

See how Bray Solutions supported chicbaby business and their global third party logisitics needs.“Inventory management and order fulfilment are two paramount competencies that any ecommerce company must master. At, our core competency is marketing and purchasing, therefore we needed an industry expert that we could rely on to be our partner in these two core logistics functions. Every step of the way from the RFP process before we selected them, to our interviews of their existing customers, to the execution after we selected them has exceeded our expectations. If your goal is to find a true partner that can meet your global fulfilment needs with particular expertise on the UK and EU, look no further than Bray Solutions.”

Ash Huzenlaub


A partnership with Bray Solutions is one that Landis & Gyr has enjoyed since 2004. Read how we have supported their business through our 3pl fulfilment services.A partnership with Bray Solutions is one that Landis & Gyr has enjoyed since 2004, initially as a short-term solution, we have since made Bray Solutions our primary 3rd party logistics / storage solution. The company and its employees have consistently demonstrated attention to detail, a flexible approach to our requirements and have consistently improved the services they provide.

With growth in our business, and the trust within this partnership, we have directed some of our deliveries direct into the Kings Cliffe facility.

We have stored up to and in excess of 1000 pallets, demonstrating flexibility and an understanding of our business needs.

We have never experienced any damage to goods stored / handled by Bray Solutions.

Bray Solutions is a company Landis & Gyr will continue to work with, while we have a need for a 3rd party logistics / storage solution, and one I would strongly recommend you consider.

David Whitehead

Operational Logistics Manager, Landis Gyr

The Music Force Distribution - see how Bray Solutions Limited supported The Music Force Distribution business with their third party logistics.We are an importer and distributor of musical instruments and product throughout the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands and due to the growth of our business over the past few years we have struggled to effectively and efficiently manage our own logistics and inventory, which due to the nature of our varied product range and the differing demands of our retail customers, is a difficult proposition that needs expertise, close control and careful management.

Whilst outsourcing logistics is becoming common practice in the fast changing world that we all now operate in, finding a solution and company that could deal with the intricacies that our business requires was a difficult task, as many logistics and warehousing companies offer basic services, but not the detail and bespoke service that we required and after entering dialogue with a number of companies, it was therefore with great caution that we made the decision to pass the management of this side of our business over to Bray Solutions.

This has turned out to be one of the best decisions we have ever made and I cannot praise the professionalism and expertise that they have brought to our operation, which has resulted in saving us both time and money with a one stop solution that has also saved on our need for additional human resources, whilst majorly increasing efficiency and allowing us to focus on the front end of the business with sales and marketing, safe in the knowledge that the promises made to our customers are being ably delivered by our logistics partners.

As a small business in an ever-changing world, the prospect of long term leases, business rates, health & safety issues and employing reliable staff are all hurdles that we are understandably cautious of committing to, however the proposition that Bray Solutions are delivering for us, has taken away the anxiety of this and allowed us to run our business more economically and efficiently than we would have ever dreamed of and we only wish we had done it years ago!

I therefore have no hesitation in recommending them to any interested parties and would even be delighted to talk in person about the positive affect that their service has had on our business.

Jon Gold – Managing Director
The Music Force Distribution

Jon Gold

Managing Director, The Music Force Distribution